The Islington Christmas Market 2015

After the success of the inaugrual Islington Christmas Market back in 2012 (organised by Clever Creations Events), the event evolved into The Islington Christmas Gift Fair and has been held indoors for three days at Islington Assembly Hall (beside the Town hall on Upper St) for 2013 and 2014.

There is a possibiity that the Islington Christmas Market will be 'brought back to life' on Islington Green in 2015 by Clever Creations Events. To stay in touch with this development and all other events, simply follow Clever Creations Events Facebook and Twitter pages below.

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islington christmas market

The Islington Christmas Market 2015

Clever Creations Events may be holding an outdoor Christmas market in Islington in 2015 as they did in 2012

To learn more about the indoor Christmas event in Islington from 2013 & 2014
please visit the event website below:

islington christmas market

The Islington Christmas Market

The 1st ever Islington Christmas Market was organised by Clever Creations Events and held outdoors on Islington Green in December 2012.

“… the range of traders and products sold at the market was also indeed unique, with an abundant selection of luxurious handcrafted products sold at reasonable prices. My stroll through the market even raised awareness of goods that I did not know existed!

Since the 2012 event, I have visited several retailers’ websites and I am sure to keep them in mind next time a special event that requires gift-giving comes around. I look forward to another installation in 2013…”

- Karin To (Islington resident)


islington christmas market

Islington Christmas Market 2012

Pictures from our 2012 event...




Originally organised by
Clever Creations Events
clever creations events


The Islington Christmas Market moved indoors for 2013/2014.

islington assembly hall

Islington Assembly Hall


The Christmas Market that was held on Islington Green in December 2013 was NOT organised by Clever Creations!


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